Vicco Turmeric…Nahi Cosmetic…

The ad jingle for the cream runs automatically in my head every time I hear someone say “Vicco Turmeric”. But we are, of-course, not here to discuss how effective the jingle for Vicco Turmeric was in back in the day. Let’s get straight to it… Usually when we ask people for advice on what to do for pimples or blemishes they rattle off several branded and expensive creams or treatments. Nobody really tells you the easy, simple stuff. Well here it is … It is surprising how so many people do not know or realize how useful and effective Vicco Turmeric can be. As a make-up professional, I recommend the humble Vicco Turmeric. Growing up, I practically used Vicco Turmeric day in and day out. I still use it the second I see a pimple cropping up. The best part, as the jingle rightly says, is that there is nothing cosmetic about it. It is basically nothing but turmeric and sandalwood together, hence there is very low risk of any side effects.
  1. It works great on pimples. All one needs to do is apply a dab of Vicco Turmeric on the pimple and leave it there through the night. If you are applying it during the day you can spread it slightly over a pimple so that the cream isn’t visible.
  1. The same holds true for blemishes and scars. Apply it in the same manner as you would on a pimple. It will lighten the blemish/scar. But be aware it will not help as such with scars that are depressed. It would only help with scars on the skin surface.
The formula of the product is non-greasy; therefore it would be good for people with oily skin. People with dry skin might find that it makes the skin a bit tight or stretchy. But, no problem, the solution is simple. Simply moisturize the skin with any standard, daily use moisturizer before applying Vicco Turmeric. This product isn’t as expensive as branded products, it’s easy on the pocket and very easily available at any store in India. So, here’s to kissing those annoying pimples bye bye! Cheers!