Monsoon Makeup Tips

Monsoon is a lovely season to enjoy!! But unfortunately, the season can cause havoc to our makeup making it look extremely messy. Here are some quick tips on make-up to help you make it through the monsoon months: –
  1. Always wear a primer before putting any makeup on. It will help the makeup stay on longer.
  2. Try to avoid using foundations. If you really must use a foundation then either
    – Switch from liquid based foundations to powder based foundations. These will stay longer and won’t get runny or drip down your face.
    – Or, use a Silicone based foundation as they are water proof. But beware, in case you do use silicone based products, you must cleanse your face well to ensure there is no product left on your skin else you risk clogging you pores.
  3. Use waterproof eyeliners & mascara to make sure things don’t turn ugly in case you get wet in the rain.
  4. Switch to cream blushes as they will stick better than the powder blushes during the monsoon.
  5. Lipstick must be waterproof and long stay all the way.
  6. Overall makeup should be simple, subtle and nude – the monsoon season is too sticky to have loud make-up (will be very evident if it runs & drips).

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