Different Types of Makeup

When talking to clients on the type of makeup they want for the most important day of their life, I find that most of them are not clear about the different types of makeup. There are many types of makeups; for example – Regular, HD, Mineral, Airbrush, etc. Here I will focus on the 2 most popular types. High Definition (HD) Makeup These days most TVs and cameras are high definition. The HD camera / lens exposes wrinkles, blemishes and creases on the skin. And if the makeup is not blended well or is thick and heavy it would be clearly visible. The texture of the HD products (products made especially with the HD camera in mind) should thus be smooth and light on the skin. HD makeup contains light deflectors and pigments that give the makeup a natural look: light texture gives more of a natural look, while the pigments blend with skin. To sum up, HD makeup is: –
  • Light on skin, does not give a ‘pancake’ look.
  • Deflects light to give you a natural look.
  • Has high pigmentation to give you better coverage while using less product on skin.
  • Lasts longer than classic makeup
  Airbrush Makeup This makeup is sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush gun instead of being applied by fingers, sponges, brushes or any other methods. Airbrush suits all skin types. The products are silicone based and therefore are water resistant. No more worrying about perspiration, tears or humidity. They are light on the skin giving an invisible look with full coverage. Due to the full coverage, any uneven skin tone on different areas of the face is evened out giving a flawless finish. To sum it up, Airbrush makeup: –
  • Gives a Flawless finish, in person & on camera
  • Is Water resistant
  • Lasts very long
  • Requires No touchups
  • Does not look cakey
So, which type of makeup should one go for? Our recommendation is Airbrush for the smooth, flawless and natural look. Cheers!